Textbook Release: May 2023

I am delighted to share the news that my textbook, Learning to Listen, is now available for purchase from Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Learn more, buy a copy, or request a faculty review copy on the publisher’s website here: https://he.kendallhunt.com/product/learning-listen

Music listening skills are vital for success in any music course and are also profoundly transferable skills for life and work. Particularly for non-majors with minimal background or training, coming into perhaps the only music class they will ever take, the prospect of listening, analyzing, and writing about music which is new to them can be intimidating. 

Learning to Listen is the result of many years of teaching a broad range of non-major music classes. Designed as a concise, affordable add-on to the curriculum for any existing music course, the book shares strategies which have proved most valuable in helping a diverse range of students build their confidence as music listeners.

The book takes a student-centered, anti-racist approach, validating the reader’s lived experiences as a music listener and analyzing the challenges all listeners face in the 21st century, before delving into tangible, specific strategies that can be employed to build confidence and practice listening skills. Musical examples featured in the book are drawn from an array of musical genres and time periods, with an emphasis on musical creators typically underrepresented in music curricula.

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