George Walker – Sonata for Two Pianos

Looking back on this performance from February, I feel very fortunate – this was one of the last performances that took place at the University of Puget Sound before the pandemic shut things down.

Recorded live, February 21, 2020, Schneebeck Concert Hall, University of Puget Sound. “The Legacy of George Walker,” a Jacobsen Series concert.

Jinshil Yi and Kim Davenport, pianos.

I. Adagio non troppo
II. Presto
III. Adagio
IV. Allegretto tranquillo

This work is an arrangement by Walker of his Piano Sonata No.2. The composer writes: “My Piano Sonata No.2 was composed as a dissertation for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree, which I received from the Eastman School of Music in 1956. The theoretical premise underlying its structure is the consistent projection of third relationships. The theme of the first movement is reflected in the ground bass upon which six variations are built. The second movement, a brief scherzo, is followed by a monothematic slow movement. The fourth movement, in sonatina form, ends with a coda derived from the theme of the first movement.”


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