TacomaMusicHistory.org Blog

UPDATE! Since its launch just over a year ago, the TacomaMusicHistory.org blog has really taken off! Dozens of posts have shared my research, as well as that of colleagues, and most dear to my heart, students!



This new site, launched in June 2017, is devoted to sharing stories from the diverse musical history of Tacoma, Washington, the City of Destiny.  The goal of bringing these stories to an online environment is to take advantage of the ability to easily share interactive, multimedia resources.

The concept behind this site began as Kim was planning to teach a new course she designed for UW Tacoma, “Musical History of Tacoma”. Her intention in developing the site is to share some of her own work, link to resources publicly available online, and especially to share the best of her students’ work. The online environment is ideal, as it will allow for easy sharing of links, audio and video, and photographs.

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